The range of the UD series pumps is based on the proven UC series (UN). The lid and flange are made of gray cast iron. Compared to the previous design of the UC (United Nations), the UD series pumps produce less noise, the maximum pressure is greater and the EP is more effective over the entire rev range, while the pleasant price has been maintained.

The pumps are connected by four M12 bolts of high-strength steel. They are equipped with hydraulic equalization of the axial clearance pressure, which is made by balancing the sealing sleeves in the bearing. The UD series offers the possibility of a large volume of Vg = 5 to 39 cm3 / rev, with a nominal pressure of 30 MPa. They are produced in unidirectional and bi-directional versions.

Pumps of the UD series can be equipped with flow control and safety valve, both in unidirectional and bi-directional versions.


Working volume [see cube]:


Volume flow [dm.cub / min]


Turnover [1 / min]


Maximum continuous pressure [bar]:


Maximum pressure [bar]: