NSh-100 analog. The direction of rotation is right. Open drowing

The pump is simple in design, compact in size, equipped with self-guiding platters to reduce leaks and increase efficiency. The pump consists of two parts. The pump base consists of a housing with a blind back wall in which the gears are located and to which the connecting flange is attached. Both the body and the flange are made of high-quality gray cast iron, seating surfaces for sliding bearings are cast on their surface. Gears made of high-strength steel are optimized for low noise. Axial leakage compensation is realized by means of clamping plates made of aluminum alloy. The design allows to achieve high pressure in the system at low revs.

-Hydrosystem of attachments: T-11.01, T-35.01, PK-12.02, TK-25.02, T-25.01, T-500
-car: BelAZ-7549/7512
- excavators: EO2629А / 2628 / V-3
-s / x machines: APM-5
-auto-skippers: MoAZ-7405-4586, MoAZ-75051, DZ-13, DZ-115
forest machines: LP-18А, LO-113, TV-1, LO-15С, -7LT2А, LO-13С, PSL-2А
- Pipelayers: TG 321A, TG 503YA


Nominal geometric volume, cm3. 100,09
Output pressure Max. permanent, bar 230
Max. short-term, bar 250
Peak, bar 260
Turnover Rated, min-1 1500
Minimum, min-1 350
Maximum, min-1 2700