NSh 32 Q-34L-B1D4-SS11S10-V.033

Pump NSh-32L analog. The direction of rotation is left. Open Drawing

Gear pump analogue NSH 32 Q-34L-B1D4-SS11S10-V.033 differs in its simplicity and compact size. Equipped with self-guiding platters to reduce leaks and increase efficiency. The flange and cover of the pump are made of gray cast iron, and the housing is made of a high-strength aluminum profile. Gears with 12 teeth are made of high-strength steel and optimized for low noise.

- tractors: DT-75 and mod. up to 1998, T-130, T-170, T-170M, B10.02, T-40, LTZ-55, T-150K of all modifications, T-4A, TT-4M of all modifications, YMZ of all modifications
- dump truck: KamAZ, ZIL-MMZ, SAZ, PHAZ-all modifications, KAZ-4540, ZIL-SAZ-1503, GAZ-CAZ-3507, GAZ-CAZ-25041, GAZ-CAZ-25042
- combines: NIVA, Sibiryak, Kedr, Yenisei-1200, KSK-4-1, UKM-2, APM-2, APM-5, KSK-4-1, UKM-2, UPM-2, KPS-5G
- wheel loader: T-156.


Nominal geometric volume, cm3. 33,89
Output pressure Max. permanent, bar 280
Max. short-term, bar 300
Peak, bar 310
Turnover Rated, min-1 1500
Minimum, min-1 500
Maximum, min-1 2800