QHD0-51R-B01D20-SS09S08-N (NSh-50 Analog)

High-quality NSh-50 analog (poduced in the Czech Republic Jihostroj). Completely interchangeable analog NS-50 M3 (M4) QHD0-51R-B01D20-SS09S08-N will allow you to forget about the constant repairs and downtime of equipment!

Bought it! Instolled! Forgot!

Warranty period 2 years or 10 000 m / h! The service life is unlimited!

Direction of rotation - right / left. Open drowing

The gear pump QHD0-51R-B01D20-SS09S08-N is simple in design and compact in size. Equipped with self-oscillating plates to reduce leakage and increase efficiency. The flange and cover of the pump are made of gray cast iron, and the housing is made of a high-strength aluminum profile. Gears with 12 teeth are made of high-strength steel and optimized for low noise.

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-tractors: DT-175, DT-175M, T-250, T-180
-cars: BelAZ 75406, 75481, MAZ 5516, MoAZ-546P / 6014
-Equipment: EO-2628
-automraders: DZ-140, DZ-98, D-122, DZ-180
-reaper: MoAZ-6014
-loaders: PEA-1,0, EO-2628
-agricultural machines: HDPE-250, RZhU-3,6, MKO-3, PGH-0.5, PG-02A
- equipment of  Promtractor: Т-25, ТМ-25, Т-15, Т-35.01, ТG-221, ТG-301Ya


Nominal geometric volume, cm3. 51,13
Output pressure Max. permanent, bar 250
Max. short-term, bar 270
Peak, bar 270
Turnover Rated, min-1 1500
Minimum, min-1 500
Maximum, min-1 2500