T3-10R-R3D8-SK07K07-N (NSh-10 Hydrosila)

High-quality analog NSh-10 (Pr-in the Czech Republic Jihostroj).

Completely interchangeable analog NSh-10 T3-10R-R3D8-SK07K07-N will allow you to forget about permanent repairs and downtime of equipment!

Bought it! Installed! Forgot! The warranty period is 2 years or 14,000 m / h!

The direction of rotation is right. Open Drawing

Gear pump T3-10R-R3D8-SK07K07-N due to its design has high technical characteristics, small overall dimensions and light weight. The pump body is made of high-strength aluminum profile. The lid and flange are cast from gray cast iron. The gears with 12 teeth are optimized for low noise operation and are made of high strength steel. The oil wedge in the sliding bearings is created continuously by the incoming working fluid.

-contractors: YMZ-6 of all modes, XTZ-1410, KhTZ-3130, DT-175 of all modes up to 1989.
-loaders: ПЭА-1, ПЭА-1А
excavators: EO2621, EO2629, EO2621V, EO2627, PM-1


Nominal geometric volume, cm3. 10,0
Output pressure Max. permanent, bar 280
Max. short-term, bar 290
Peak, bar 310
Turnover Rated, min-1 1500
Minimum, min-1 500
Maximum, min-1 3600