Q-34/34R-B1D4-SS11S10/S11S10-V.033 (NSh 32-32 Analog)

    Sectional pump (tandem) NSh 32-32 analog is produced by JSC "Hydrosila". The direction of rotation is right. The peculiarity of this pump design is that the input ports are interconnected by a channel inside the housing.
   The gear pump Q-34 / 34R-B1D4-SS11S10 / S11S10-V.033 differs in its simplicity and compact size. Equipped with self-guiding platters to reduce leaks and increase efficiency. The flange and cover of the pump are made of gray cast iron, and the housing is made of a high-strength aluminum profile. The gears are made of high-strength steel and optimized for low noise.

      Gear pumps Q-34 / 34R-B1D4-SS11S10 / S11S10-V.033 are specially designed for use in hydraulic systems of mobile agricultural and road machinery, as well as for use in hydraulic systems of handling equipment.


  1st section 2nd section
Nominal geometric volume, cm3. 33,89 33,89
Output pressure Max. permanent, bar 280 280
Max. short-term, bar 300 300
Peak, bar 310 310
Turnover Rated, min-1 1500
Minimum, min-1 500
Maximum, min-1 2800