Q-51L-B1D4-SS09S08-V.033 (NSh-50l analog)

     Pump NSh-50L. The direction of rotation is left.

     The gear pump Q-51L-B1D4-SS09S08-V.033 differs in its simplicity and compact size. Equipped with self-guiding platters to reduce leaks and increase efficiency. The flange and cover of the pump are made of gray cast iron, and the housing is made of a high-strength aluminum profile. Gears with 12 teeth are made of high-strength steel and optimized for low noise.
-Tractors: TDT-55, LHT-55, TB-1, T-150, T-150K with engines SMD, DT-75ML, TT-4, T-330, T-500
forklift: MoAZ-4048
-automobile: DZ-122
-Cars: VOLAT 543, MAZ VOLAT 74131, VOLAT 75165, VOLAT 7429, MAZ 64227, KrAZ, MoAZ
-Sightloader: SPS-4,2A-02
-section combine: RKM6-01
-selkhozmashiny: RKM-6, IRT-165, PGSh-1.06, SPS-4.2A


Nominal geometric volume, cm3. 51,13
Output pressure Max. permanent, bar 250
Max. short-term, bar 270
Peak, bar 270
Turnover Rated, min-1 1500
Minimum, min-1 500
Maximum, min-1 2500