Automatic lubrication systems

ACLS, or automatic centralized lubrication systems are used both in industry and in transport. ACLSs are established in cars, quarry and agricultural machinery, machines and conveyors.

Automatic lubrication systems reduce the friction of the steering components, suspension and other special transport equipment, thanks to the timely supply of the required amount of lubricant. ACLS sealed equipment  protects the system from dust and moisture contamination. Lubrication systems ensure trouble-free operation of the equipment even under extreme conditions, for example, at low temperatures down to -50.

ACLS Graco

One of the leading manufacturers of centralized lubrication systems with more than 80 years of history is GRACO (USA), which is recognized as the world leader in the production of systems for transporting liquids and their components.

When using centralized lubrication systems GRACO compared to manual lubrication, the following positive effect is achieved:

  • the time for maintenance of equipment is reduced by more than 15%;
  • unscheduled repair work is reduced by more than 17%;
  • the consumption of lubricants can be reduced by a quarter.

Graco products (USA) have the widest range of various components. Graco lubrication systems are characterized by the highest American quality, long service life and unsurpassed reliability. At the same time, the cost of Graco ACLS is much lower than Lincoln analogs. That is why, customers increasingly prefer lubrication systems of the American manufacturer  in recent years.

ACLS Graco components

ACLS Graco consists of the following elements:

  • dispensers, distributing the lubricant by points (injectors GL-1, Gl-32);
  • a programmable pump (G3, Dyna-Star);
  • high-pressure hoses;
  • distributors;
  • set of fittings and special material for fastening to the mechanism.

Graco pumps are characterized by their small size and heavy-duty construction. The pumps consist of outputs for lubricant supply in different directions, drive and reservoir. The dispensers distribute the lubricant through the friction units by means of hoses. Controllers type G2200 individually for each output adjust the pause time and working time. Lubricant supply cycles are controlled by an electrical board integrated in the pump.

Examples of the Graco ACLS ussage 

GRACO centralized lubrication systems  can be used on all models of BelAZ dump trucks with the carrying capacity of 30, 45, 55, 120, 130, 180, 220 tons, loaders and bulldozers, drilling rigs, agricultural machinery, etc. Through the design of the ACLS, the material arrives at the necessary friction points of the suspension, steering, POC, platform support, articulated joint and other special transport equipment.

Graco production purchasing through Incomexport JLLC

JLLC Incomexport performs the installation of ACLS for any type of equipment or machinery. Our specialists will help you to choose the necessary ACLS or to develop an individual system taking into account your requirements.