"Jihostroj a.s" is a world-famous Czech producer of high-quality hydraulics, which is highly demanded in Europe, America and post-Soviet space. Jihostroj has been producing automotive high-quality hydraulics for more than 50 years, which meet the following  standards:

  • hydraulic efficiency of motors and pumps is more than 95%;
  • the product quality factor exceeds 99%.

Moreover, the demand for Czech hydraulics   are supported by its advantages:

  1. compliance with the standards of the post-Soviet space by adapting the connecting dimensions;
  2. the best prices among European and American manufacturers from the premium segment;
  3. possibility to work in extreme temperature mode;
  4. observance of the most important world standards (ISO, GOST, DIN, etc.).

And the most important factor to choose Jihostroj is a wide network of distributors with the help of witch you can easily  find the necessary model and get service if necessary.