Injection ACLS Graco Dyna Star

According to statistics, only every fifth quarry dump truck is replaced with repairs due to a malfunction of the lubrication system. A simple progressive lubrication system stops the supply of material at each breakdown, which subsequently leads to total wear of the units and assemblies. The determination of the cause of the malfunction and its repair may require a long period of time, which entails serious financial losses when equipment is idle.

The linear automatic centralized lubrication system Graco DynaStar (manufactured in the USA) is designed to save you time and cost of maintenance of the ACLS. If a fault occurs in the Graco DynaStar ACS, the grease line does not stop, and the failed GL-1 injector can be replaced in the "field conditions" or at any convenient time.

In its essence, this is an improved analog of Lincoln Centromatik with much lower cost. The ultra-modern DynaStar electric pump with a volume of 27 liters will allow you to forget about frequent refueling (once a month). The life of the pump is about 20 years.

The delivery kit of the BelAZ-7513 ACLS:

-programmed metal pump DynaStar 77x104 with a visual sensor of low level;

-programmed controller GLC2200 in the driver's cab with a push button and a notice of low level of lubrication in the pump and errors;

- 33 injectors GL-1;

- shockproof pipelines;

- quick-release couplings;

- extended spare parts.

The warranty is 24 months from the supplier. No reclamation on BelAZ!

Already installed more than 14 sets on the conveyor

You only need to specify the option "ACLS Graco" during ordering new equipment!