Following the latest trends in the world of tracking hydraulic drive and mechatronic systems, today we offer you our newest product - hydraulic fan drive system "Jihostroj Bus".

Developed in close cooperation with our German and American partners, our system allows to effectively cool the engine and its compartment of heavy and medium-class buses.

Traditional drive systems for fan cooling motors consume much more energy than it is really necessary. To solve this problem Jihostroj has developed the αBus system, which includes a gear motor equipped with a proportional overflow valve, a pump and a control system - Jihostroj Next. This system allows you to adjust the speed of the cooling fan regardless of engine speed.

Advantages of the Jihostroj αBus system:

  • freedom to build the engine compartment - there are no belt drives in the drive;
  • constant temperature - the fan speed changes automatically;
  • engine load is reduced - lower fuel consumption;
  • the lowest possible noise level of the cooling system;
  • less wear on the system - the fan rotates at the speed required at the moment, which reduces the load on the friction pairs.

Motors with proportional valve

Motors with proportional valve and reverse valve