We are pleased to offer you the pumps of the concern "Jihostroj a.s." for the complete set of hydraulic stations. As before, we offer products with a high level of quality at a benefitial price.

For your convenience, we divided the pumps into three size groups:

The first group consists of pumps of the P23 series with a volume from 1 to 6.2 cm,

The second group - pumps of the T3 series with a volume of 4 to 25 cm3,

The third group is the Q2 series pumps from 22 to 82 cm3 in volume.

If you have a question during the completing the hydraulic station - how to fix our beautiful pump to the electric motor, we are ready to solve this problem.

Bells and half couplings for connecting the hydraulic pump with the electric motor are the best solution.

We can also offer these products for delivery with our pumps. This solution allows you to complete pumps with an powerful electric motor of 0.75 to 45 kW.