Hydraulic pumps transfer mechanical energy to a fluid, creating the necessary pressure. Piston hydraulic pumps and gear pumps are used widely.

Gear pumps are characterized by the following features:

have a constant chamber volume;

work even with dirty working fluids;

are used in road, agricultural and construction machinery;

have simple construction.

Piston pumps differ from gear pumps in the following:

can work under harsh conditions at high pressure;

are usually compact;

may be expensive;

have a complex construction.

Buy hydraulic pump in Minsk

Jihostroj pumps are one of the best options for the post-Soviet space markets, have the required dimensions and are made in accordance with GOST. Also, Jihostroj  hydraulic pumps are cheaper than less-quality domestic analogs.

JLLC Incomexport offers gear pumps of the most popular series of standard sizes (Q2, T3, QHD, GHD0, etc.) from the Czech concern. Incomexport buys hydraulic pumps from the manufacturer at a special price and therefore can offer Czech hydraulics to its customers on favorable terms. We also provide customers with an opportunity to try and buy brand-new versions of hydraulic pumps as soon as they appear on the market.

Jihostroj pumps quality

The Jihostroj pumps are characterized by a high level of quality, which is confirmed by the regular supplies to the USA and Germany, which pay great attention to the reliability of the equipment. The stability of hydraulic pumps to high pressure and critical temperature is also confirmed. One of high quality factors of Czech hydraulics is the great experience gained during 80 years of Jihostroj’s  history.