Gear pump QHD1 series

QHD1 series are specially designed for use in mobile hydraulic systems of agricultural, heavy construction and road-building machinery, as well as in advanced hydraulic systems, material handling devices.
Series QHD1 covers a range of displacements from 10 to 100cm3 / rev.
Pumps are characterized by simple design with hydraulic pressure balancing, compact dimensions and a wide range of connection types.

QHD1 pumps consist of 2 cast iron parts. The basis consists of a supporting body with chambers for gear wheels and a flange mounting. The body as well as the flange are made of high-quality gray cast iron. In the body and flange, the sliding sleeves for the gears are cast. Gears with 12 teeth made of high-strength steel, designed to achieve a low noise level. Balancing of the axial pump is carried out with the use of sliding clamping plates of aluminum alloy. For severe operating conditions, the pumps can be equipped with roller bearings.

These pumps comply with ISO, SAE, UNI and other internationally recognized standards.


Working volume [see cube]:


Volume flow [dm.cub / min]


Turnover [1 / min]


Maximum continuous pressure [bar]:


Maximum pressure [bar]: