Progressive lubrication systems

Use compact feeders (CSPs) together with reliable G-series pumps to create an integrated system solution!

You get an easily adaptable part of the system for your needs, ordering the G-series pumps:

  • the size of the tank can be 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 liters. depending on your needs;
  • models for connecting to a constant (12 or 14 V) or alternating (90-240 V) current source using CPC or DIN connectors that facilitate installation;
  • a wide range of pumps for any of your needs;
  • maximum working pressure 352 bar with lubrication up to NLGI class 2.

Compact feeders are characterized by:

  • high reliability;
  • a variety of configurations;
  • high outlet pressure;
  • performance in accordance with your requirements.

Find a complete solution for yourself

Pick up everything you need for your progressive lubrication system in the CATALOG

Buying of GRACO products through JLLC Incomexport

The company JLLC Incomexport performs the installation of ACLS for any type of equipment or machinery. Our specialists will help you to choose the necessary ACLS or to develop an individual system taking into account your requirements.

You can see examples of Graec ACLS installations in our installation gallery

There is a table of 100% interchangeable Lincoln analogues below.

Interchangeable LINCOLN analogs 

Component  № Graco  № Lincoln  Documentation
 Pump  96G069  644-46364-8  Open
 Pump element  571041  600-28750-1  Open
 Safety valve  24C030  624-28894-1  
 Adapter for safety valve 6MM X 1/4 "  17R571   226-14105-5  
 Button with green light 24V  571031  664-36070-6  Open
 Dispenser SSV 6  24Z477  619-26473-1  Open
 Dispenser SSV 8  24Z478  619-25730-2  Open
 Dispenser SSV 10  24Z479  619-26841-1  Open
 Dispenser SSV 12  24Z480  619-25731-2  Open
 Dispenser connection 6mm Х 10  17L550  504-30344-4  
 Bung  17L651  303-17499-3  
 Plastic spiral  128580  113-35075-3  
 High pressure hose  17S555  504-36033-3  
 Threaded coupling M10 X 1  17L648  432-23031-1   
 Hose tip  17R565  432-24162-1  
 Nipple  17L548  223-12270-7  
 Corner  17L546  223-12485-9