Jihostroj - the Czech hydraulics manufacturer, has presented a new generation of NSh-32 and NSh-50 analogs. Now the models have become even better thanks to a new cast iron body. Modernization helped the manufacturer achieve following amazing results:

- reduce the size of gear pumps;

- reduce their weight;

- minimize the cost of products.

First of all, such changes were declared by market needs in a more compact and cheaper version of gear pumps. All the wishes of buyers and design ideas were embodied in the new pumps series QHD0.

The new pumps series has successfully passed testing and is already put into production, so that absolutely any customer can purchase a gear pump of this series today and enjoy all its modern advantages.

You can buy improved QHD0 Series of NSh analogs from Czech manufacturer by ordering them through Incomexport. Our experts will present you all the features of the series and will make an order for high-quality hydraulics Jihostroj in a practical cast-iron case.

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