Gear pump T3 series

T3 series with external gearing with their simple design, compact size and a wide range of types are applicable in modern hydraulic systems, processing technologies and mobile hydraulics.
The basic version consists of several parts. The pump body is made of a durable aluminum alloy. Cover and flange made of gray cast iron or aluminum alloy. All flanges, as well as liquid inputs and outputs, meet all internationally recognized standards.

The gears with 12 teeth are optimized to achieve a low noise level, made of high-strength steel. Frontal pins with high surface quality are stored in bearings that are constantly lubricated and cooled with the working fluid of the flow.
If you need to use a light weight and small size, there is a shortened version - designation T3K.


Working volume [see cube]:


Volume flow [dm.cub / min]


Turnover [1 / min]


Maximum continuous pressure [bar]:


Maximum pressure [bar]: