Gear pump P23 series

P23 pumps are designed for advanced hydraulic systems with low throughput (up to about 10 kW) with high operational reliability and long service life. They were produced in each direction and a reversible version with internal or external drainage. A wide variety of designs with different drives, connecting flanges, inlet and outlet flows made it possible to use these pumps in hydraulic systems of stationary and mobile plants and equipment. They are available in a special version, modified for small hydraulic aggregates, too. The types of connections and flanges, as well as other connecting dimensions, correspond to all world standards.

P23 network pumps are also available in several versions (2 sections, 3 sections, etc.) with separate inputs of working fluid in separate sections or with one common input. Separate sections can be separated from each other.


Working volume [see cube]:


Volume flow [dm.cub / min]


Turnover [1 / min]


Maximum continuous pressure [bar]:


Maximum pressure [bar]: