Hidraulic motors ТМ3 series

Gear motors are used to convert the fluid pressure into mechanical energy. TM3 motors with external teeth are preferable for their simple design, compact dimensions and a wide range of types used in modern hydraulic systems, handling equipment, and mobile hydraulic systems. The types of flanges used, as well as the shape of the worker at the inlet and outlet of the fluid meet all world standards. Series PM23 covers the range of movement from 9 to 31 cm3 / rev.

The basic version consists of several parts. The body is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy, lid motor and flange made of gray cast iron or aluminum alloy. Axial pins with high surface duality are built into sliding sleeves, continuously lubricated and cooled by a flow of working fluid. The TM3 series motors can be placed at one end of the structure, either clockwise or counterclockwise rotating motors. They are also available in the reverse version.