GHD2-125R-R2D5-SS04S04-N (NSh-125 analog)

Analog of pump NSH-125. The direction of rotation is right.

GHD2-125R-R2D5-SS04S04-n gear pumps can be used on heavy machinery for agricultural and construction purposes, due to the body made of cast iron,.
These pumps consist of three parts: flange-body-cover, made of cast iron. Sleeve bearings supporting the intermediate gears are pressed into the cover and the flange of the pump. The gears are made of high strength steel and are designed to provide low noise. Suction and pressure holes are located on the sides of the body (in other words, they do not weaken the body of the product, which allows the pump to operate at higher pressure). Axial leak compensation is performed using floating underground plastics made of aluminum alloy, in the grooves of which the seals are located.


Nominal geometric volume, cm3. 125,99
Output pressure Max. permanent, bar 190
Max. short-term, bar 210
Peak, bar 220
Turnover Rated, min-1 1500
Minimum, min-1 250
Maximum, min-1 2400